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Huma Morrison, Mining Engineer

Not too many of us would be miffed at getting a job without having to go through a formal interview.  But that was just the kind of woman Saskatchewan’s first female mines inspector was:  confident, personable, and always up for a challenge.  Which, of course, is how she got the job without the grilling.

Sharp mind perfectly suited to inspecting mines and winning games of trivia – The Globe and Mail

Clyne Harradence, Criminal Defence Lawyer

Recognized for decades as one of the very best — and most colourful — lawyers in Saskatchewan, Clyne Harradence always put on a great show. But it served a high purpose.

“Saskatchewan lawyer had larger-than-life presence in the courtroom” – Globe and Mail

Art Britton, Jazz Musician

From the little farm kid who could play any instrument without being taught, to the mature jazzman in whose Regina dining room the pros got even better, Art Britton was something special.

Art Britton was a mainstay of the music scene – The Globe and Mail

Geoffrey Pawson, Social Worker

He started out studying chemistry, but soon realized that the chemistry of human psychology and relationships was much more interesting.  Generations of troubled youths and their families are grateful for his ground-breaking work that continues through the broad spectrum of services of the Ranch Ehrlo Society.

Troubled youth never too much bother for a man who saw their potential – The Globe and Mail

Harvey Mawson, Cowboy Poet

Generations-deep knowledge of the prairie, its history and people, and the wrangler’s life flowed from Harvey Mawson as poetry and short stories in the cowboy vernacular.

“Cowboy poet conjured the landscape with his verse” – Globe and Mail

Lois Boyle, Secretary

Sometimes a secretary is a lot more than the title suggests.  As Secretary to the Base Commander at CFB Moose Jaw, Lois Boyle helped the Snowbirds aerial demonstration team get off the ground… and she helped keep them in the air for decades.

“Lois Boyle was the ‘Mother of the Snowbirds'” – Globe and Mail

Ed Sebestyen, Newspaper Executive and Community Booster

“The man behind the mountain” was a visionary who fearlessly made audacious moves on behalf of both his paper and his city.

“Saskatoon gained from his drive” – The Globe and Mail

Lloyd Johnston, Engineer

Lloyd Johnston loved to discover things hands-on, and loved sharing his discoveries with others.  Whether it was showing a shed snake-skin to the grandchildren or creating a science playground out of an old generating station, he lived passionately in the physical world.  He also did some important engineering work along the way.

“On the green path decades before there were carbon footprints” – The Globe and Mail

Robin Menzies, Forensic Psychiatrist

A compassionate heart, a quirky sense of humour, and an ability to truly listen to people made Robin Menzies uniquely effective as a psychiatrist, a provider of expert testimony, and a human being.

“In a sea of torment he offered haven and hope” – The Globe and Mail

Barney Habicht, Mechanic and Inventor

A fatherless boy who couldn’t afford an engineering degree grew up to change the way farmers harvest their crops.

“The asphalt man who changed the harvest” – The Globe and Mail



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