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Ken Ritter, Former CWB Chairman

Though he followed his restless intelligence high and far afield, Ken Ritter always returned home to Major, SK, and always considered himself a farmer first.

“Former Wheat Board Chair was a farmer at heart” – The Globe and Mail

Tillie Taylor, Judge

As a young activist in the 1930s, and still as Saskatchewan’s first woman magistrate thirty years later, Tillie Taylor fought for hope and opportunity.

“Tillie Taylor was dedicated to the cause of social justice” – Globe and Mail



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Eleanor Coerr, Author

Closed and devastated postwar Japan?  No problem!  The resourceful young reporter got into the country, stumbled onto a touching story, and created a classic.

“Visits to Hiroshima prompted Coerr’s book promoting peace” – Globe and Mail

Kathleen Robinson, Air Force Veteran

From a “Sixties Scoop” foster child to a highly successful military electrical systems specialist, Kathleen Robinson followed her heart back to the reserve and vulnerable children.

“Kathleen Robinson returned to Native roots after US Air Force – Globe and Mail”

Sally Crooks, Teacher, Musician, Actress, Writer

The absence of a father made it both financially and emotionally difficult for Sally Crooks to pursue her dreams.  But she managed to train with the best, and the richness of her life at once defied and drew on the privations of its beginning.

“Sask. teacher started out poor but had a rich life” – Globe and Mail

Lloyd Barber, University President

The University of Regina’s second president dared to dream big during tough times. As a businessman, an academic, and a champion of First Nations rights and education, he also brought together worlds that are frequently in tension, to the enrichment of all.

“Visionary educator helped establish the University of Regina” – Globe and Mail

Hin Kee Fung, Tailor

One in five Canadians was born somewhere else.  This is the story of one such Canadian, whose life began on a silkworm farm, wove around the tumultuous events of the 20th century, and ended in Saskatoon.

After hardship, Chinese tailor found security in Saskatoon” – Globe and Mail

Don Tait, Farmer

When a wheat glut in the 1970s left prairie farmers scrambling for alternative crops, Don Tait discovered lentils.  The Saskatchewan economy has never been the same since.

Saskatchewan lentil planter went up against the grain – Globe and Mail

Fr. Bertrand Mathieu, Missionary Priest

A larger-than-life, 19th century style missionary priest, Fr. Bertrand Mathieu, OMI, served Saskatchewan’s north.

Father Bertrand Mathieu brought the Bible to the farthest reaches of Saskatchewan – Globe and Mail



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