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John Stott, Evangelical Leader

Preacher and scholar Rev. John Stott changed the evangelical movement from a theological backwater to a global force.

‘Uncle John’ Stott helped to build a worldwide evangelical movement – The Globe and Mail

Allan McLeod, Researcher

As head of the Research Division of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Allan McLeod helped shape the prairie economy during the grain transportation crisis of the 1970s.

Wheat Board veteran Allan McLeod managed change on the Prairies – The Globe and Mail


Frances Morrison, Librarian

As a young widow, Frances Morrison went to work at the local library to support her child.  She ended up leaving a legacy for the entire city of Saskatoon, and helping to develop library services across the province.

Remembering Frances Morrison – Feliciter (Canadian Library Association magazine)

Frances Morrison put the Saskatoon Public Library on the map – The Globe and Mail

Edmund Dale, Educator

The grandson of slaves, Edmund Herbert Dale tenaciously sought an education, and went on to put his university department on the map.

Edmund Dale – Globe and Mail


Julius Isaac, Jurist

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney called federal Chief Justice Julius Isaac one of his most important appointments in nine years in office.

Chief Justice leaves a legacy of giving and nurturing – The Globe and Mail

The Fabric of Community

The quilters of Herschel, SK don’t know their town is too small to matter.  They make a difference locally and around the world.

“Dispatch from Herschel – The United Church Observer”

Wolf Willow Breaks Ground

A diverse group of people with a shared vision for community and eco-sustainability puts their money where their dreams are.  Wolf Willow Co-Housing is taking shape just west of Saskatoon’s downtown core.

“Wolf Willow Breaks Ground – Saskatoon Express”

The Castles of Glamis

An old house and a rural church, both evocatively named for an old-world castle, offer windows into prairie history.

The Castles of Glamis



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