Published in 2011, this is Chris Ewing-Weisz’s contribution to the Immersion Bible commentary series for lay people. Reflecting on Scripture in the light of everyday life in the 21st century, the series aims to help people connect personally with God.  This volume explores the often exotic and sometimes contentious New Testament book of Hebrews, both in its own time and in ours.  Available at Cokesbury.

Who hasn’t struggled to strike just the right tone, or cover all the right ground, in a letter?  This 2010 collection, available on CD or online, covers every situation you can imagine and a few you probably haven’t — condolences, congratulations, apologies, job actions, stewardship, administration, difficult situations, and much more. Chris Ewing-Weisz contributed dozens of the more than 400 easily personalized and adapted letters.  Order Pastoral Letters 2 from Communication Resources, Inc.

This collection of funeral resources (2006) contains 85 sermons, several of them by Chris Ewing-Weisz, for addressing many different situations, along with a wealth of prayers, readings, liturgies, pastoral care suggestions, and much more. The well-organized binder and included CD make it easy to find and customize material.  Order from Communication Resources.

Among the annual lectionary offerings by CSS, this volume features sermons by five different authors based on the Gospel of Matthew readings for the 2007-2008 preaching year (also 2010-2011, 2013-2014, etc.).  From conventional sermons to readers’ theatre, you will find many engaging and thought-provoking messages, ten of them by Chris Ewing-Weisz.  Presently available in either print or electronic format at a reduced price from the CSS Publishing Company website:  Sermons on the Gospel Readings.


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