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Art Britton, Jazz Musician

From the little farm kid who could play any instrument without being taught, to the mature jazzman in whose Regina dining room the pros got even better, Art Britton was something special.

Art Britton was a mainstay of the music scene – The Globe and Mail

Lloyd Johnston, Engineer

Lloyd Johnston loved to discover things hands-on, and loved sharing his discoveries with others.  Whether it was showing a shed snake-skin to the grandchildren or creating a science playground out of an old generating station, he lived passionately in the physical world.  He also did some important engineering work along the way.

“On the green path decades before there were carbon footprints” – The Globe and Mail

Ken Ritter, Former CWB Chairman

Though he followed his restless intelligence high and far afield, Ken Ritter always returned home to Major, SK, and always considered himself a farmer first.

“Former Wheat Board Chair was a farmer at heart” – The Globe and Mail



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